Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well... it was a big day for me. Thank you revochen for choosing my gender. Thank you ghosty for returning me back. Thank you wildefire walcott for caring about me. Thank you coco for taking me for our wonderful adventures. Thank you all for the L$ you gave me. And thank you all for stealing them. It was a great but very short life.

Here we have some photos from coco's adventures with me:

It was interesting to see your discussions about me on SLUNIVERSE and SL Forum. Thank you again.
I spent some L$ as well. It is common for a girl not to keep track of all my spending, but I can say for sure, there were a lot. Surprisingly, I have started with 5 L$ in my pocket, but according to my transaction records I spent ~2000 L$ during my life in SL. Thank you again.

... and shame on you Linden Labs for killing me!!!


Ghosty said...

Well, I think Share should be reborn, but not in the same way. She could very well have ended up being used for illegal purposes in a number of genres.

In any case, I never even got to send her a gift, let alone take her anywhere. She was gone by the time I got home from work. :(

revochen said...

I'm sorry to hear Share is suspended by LL but it was conceivable though.
Will miss her for sure ^^
Nice experiment ...may start a new one that is not that public and announced at the LL forum :)
(but let me know about somehow ^^)

Have fun and enjoy =)